Brave New World of Layoffs and Health Care Coverage

Today I was reviewing the unemployment rates in the United States.  We are living with approximately 7.5% of us unemployment with about 4.3 million individuals who are considered long term uninsured (over 27 weeks).   Consider that if we have 1.9 million jobs less than in 2007, and we are adding jobs at about 155,000 per month, we are not going to break even for a while. (United States Bureau of Labor Statistics)

So now, more than ever it is necessary to have the correct tools to weather a layoff.  Hey, you don’t have to love it but you do need to survive.

New news about how–when considering your cobra coverage now look and see if you would do better if you enroll in Obama care. Politics aside, this is your limited layoff settlement or savings that you need to make last for an undefined period of time.  We all know that you cannot browse the numbers on the Federal Marketplace sites, so use this Kaiser Family Foundation site to see if Obama care is a good option for you:  Remember–even if you manage to sign-up between now and March 2014 (the open enrollment period) your coverage will not begin until on or after January 2014.  You may want to use your COBRA option during the gap.

Wishing you God’s guidance to health, happiness and employment–Karen I. S. Shablin


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