Where are you now?

I am so interested in how my readers are doing with their layoffs? Have you been interviewing? Have you started a company or found a job?

Last August, I had a terrible accident that reenforced the need to have some form of insurance while you are outside of the employee relationship. Thinkfully my auto insurance company really came through for me. New Jersey Manufacturers–you are the best!!!

It is imperative that you have some cushion on the health care front. If you do not have insurance, know where the local community health center is located and what their payment rules are. Know how that you should try and negotiate the same discount as major insurers in your area. Know where the urgent care centers and minute clinics are located.

AT&T recently listed my home and company as a walk-in clinic. I am not!!! The mistake gave me insight into the issues faced by those who travel without insurance.

Mostly–keep the faith! You can make it through this.

And vote in November! Consider looking into the She Votes 2012 program at CWA! Make sure all of your friends are ready to vote too!


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